First Home Buyer Grants:

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State Governments in Australia offer First Home Buyer Grants

Your home purchase could be boosted by a government grant or other concessions available to first home buyers.

These vary in each state or territory and your Loanseeker Broker will let you know what you may be entitled to.
The main support you’ve probably heard of is the First Home Owner Grant which could provide a one-off, tax-free payment to you. In most — but not all — states and territories, the main conditions of the Grant are:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident buying a new, or building your first, home in Australia
  • The property you buy must be a recognised house or unit specifically designed for people to live in
  • You or your partner must not have purchased in Australia before
  • You must occupy the home for a period of at least 6 months within 12 months of settlement or within 12 months of building completion if it’s a new build
  • You must apply for the grant within 12 months of settlement or building completion. The grant will be paid at the time of settlement or building completion or where you apply after this time subsequent to your application
  • Contracts must be exchanged before any cut-off dates

Find out more about the First Home Owner Grant at or the revenue office website for your state or territory listed below.





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