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A novated lease is an agreement between an employer, employee and finance institution. It is a very cost effective way of owning a vehicle. There are substantial tax benefits because the costs of the loan, all the associated costs of the car including maintenance and fuel can be deducted from your pre tax income, leaving you with substantially more disposable income.

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Once you have chosen a vehicle, Loanseeker will liaise between you, the finance provider and your employer. Because of our bulk buying power Loanseeker will also find the best deal on the car for you. We will save you time and money by arranging everything, making the whole process simple and easy.

At Loanseeker our trained consultants will discuss your financial situation and the details of a Novated Lease and ascertain if this option is the best for you. Loanseeker can arrange everything for you including delivery of your new vehicle.

A Novated Lease offers:

  1. The most cost effective way of owning a vehicle
  2. Offer substantial tax benefits
  3. Fixed monthly costs
  4. Convenient – registration and insurance is renewed for you
  5. If you sell your vehicle at the end of the lease, any sale profit is tax free.

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