Choosing Land:

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 Things to Consider when Choosing Land?

Ease of construction – A level block with easy access to the road and services is usually what quoted ‘base’ prices of project homes are based on. More challenging sites – such as sloped blocks – will mean higher costs for design (possibly needing an architect), engineering and construction

Slope and Orientation – How will your home sit on the block? Can you optimise natural light, potential views and privacy from neighbours or roads?

Flood and Bushfire – It’s always a good idea to check if the location is flood prone. Additional requirements may also apply if your land is in or near bushland

Community Infrastructure – Are schools, shopping centres and transport links in place? They may be planned for new estates or suburbs, but you could face long delays before they are actually built

Soil Test – Ask the agent or developer if soil testing has been completed or arrange your own. You want to avoid potential surprises such as rock below the surface, or unstable soil that may require more expensive excavation or foundations

Know the Local Rules – Building covenants could restrict what you can build. Check for any council regulations that may apply regarding easements

Access to services – Check that power, water and sewerage connections are readily available. They are often included in new subdivisions or house and land packages. If not, getting connected can add significantly to your building costs.

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